Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Indian Charity In Afghanistan

India is committing a billion US dollars to Afghanistan. This Indian generosity is not seen anywhere else. Not even inside India itself, where the world’s largest poverty and health problems exist. The US is now inviting India to send cheap soldiers to Afghanistan to rescue the Americans where NATO and the British won’t help. The argument that US and Indian officials often make revolves around how charitable India is when it does this work, and that Pakistan is just trying to spoil the party.

But why is it that India is not spending a penny on charity anywhere else in the world but Afghanistan?

India is purely driven by its desire to secure Afghan soil for espionage against Pakistan. The Americans know this and it is obvious thay want India in Afghanistan in order to maintain this occupied country as a military and intelligence outpost to destabilize the region.

So next time anyone tries to peddle Indian involvement in Afghanistan as charity work, please show them this picture and the accompanying story about astronomical poverty in India that makes spending a billion dollars in Afghanistan a joke, unless it is about something other than charity.

Check out the story with the picture above. Story is titled, India's Secret Flushed Out At Last. It is posted  here and here.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

What Robert Gates Didn’t Say - And US Media Hides - About Blackwater In Pakistan

(Photo courtesy DoD)

This report explains the bogus American claims about anti-Americanism and conspiracy theories in Pakistan, and how Washington has used the issue of visa delays to hide serious violations of diplomatic norms and stories about pushy US diplomats in Pakistan.

This report should be an eye-opener for the good people of America.

Two Pakistani employees of an American defense contractor engaged by the US Embassy in Islamabad have been linked to two attacks on Pakistani military and the assassination of a Brigadier. If this is not alarming, then consider that US Ambassador Anne Patterson’s name has come up in an investigation where thousands of dollars were paid in bribes to Interior Ministry to smuggle illegal weapons into Pakistan. Not to mention how Washington is empowering India in Afghanistan at Pakistan’s cost. When Pakistan takes countermeasures, US officials like Mr. Gates and Mr. Holbrooke accuse Pakistan of ‘anti-Americanism’ and harassing US diplomats. Time for some straight talk.


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Balochi Beating India's Manmohan

This picture was taken recently in Chaman, the small Pakistani town on the border with southern Afghanistan. While the US and Indian media promote terrorism in the southwestern Pakistani province of Balochistan, a terror which is supported by US and Indian intelligence operatives using the Afghan soil, the reality on the ground is far from the image that American and Indian spinmasters wish to convey. [US think tanks are the latest entrants in the psy-ops against Pakistan, promoting the idea of the separation of resource-rich Balochistan from Pakistan.]

In this picture, a Pakistani Balochi is beating a donkey-shaped effigy of Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

The Indians and Karzai's intelligence, with tacit approval of CIA operatives in Afghanistan, have been luring young poor Pakistani Balochis to training camps in Afghanistan and brainwashing them to launch a wave of terror inside Pakistan in the guise of a separatist ethnic insurgency. As soon as US military and intelligence landed in Afghanistan, a long-dead terrorist group called BLA, created by the Soviet KGB in the 1970s, was brought back from the dustbin of history and reorganized. The Indians helped by bringing agents from India fluent in the Urdu language. These language experts were tasked with composing press statements and sending them to Pakistani media offices across Pakistan.

To turn this into a real separatist war, unknown terrorists were sent to Quetta, the provincial capital, to target-kill non-Balochi Pakistanis in an effort to stir an ethnic backlash. There isn't much 'ethnic' difference among Pakistanis, but inept politicians have been using minor language differences, which do exist, to create the aura of different ethnicities for political reasons.

Unfortunately, former President Pervez Musharraf turned a blind eye to US, Indian and Karzai puppet regime's meddling in Pakistani Balochistan. The incumbent pro-US government of President Asif Zardari is doing the same. No one in today's Pakistani ruling structure appears willing to fend off the Americans and their Indian and Afghan poodles.

But despite all these efforts, Pakistani Balochis remain staunch Pakistanis, just like their fathers and grandfathers who fought off the Indian massacre of Pakistani migrants during Pakistan's War of Independence in 1947.

The biggest proof of this came last June, when the entire Pakistani Balochi tribe of Mari came out for the funeral of Lieutenant Safiullah Mari, who died fighting the Afghan-backed terrorists in the Pakistani tribal belt. Not only did the Maris chant pro-Pakistan slogans, the father of Lt. Baloch announced he was ready to give his other son to defend Pakistan. This was a slap in the face of terrorist feudal leaders like Harbiyar Mari, who enjoys British protection in London, and Brahamdagh Bugti, who enjoys American and Karzai's protection in Kabul. Both have been trying to radicalize the Mari tribe against their own country.

[See the video of Lt. Baloch's funeral.]

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Why A Marshall Plan, President Zardari?

President Zardari of Pakistan issued today one of his signature statements. "Time and again," he said to an audience of leading citizens of the eastern city of Lahore, "I have been asking the world for a Marshall Plan for Pakistan like the one they had for Europe."

Someone tell President Zardari that a Marshall Plan, where the world chips in, is basically for an occupied country. That's the precedent at least. Those who'll give aid will also meddle in internal affairs. Is he inviting US trusteeship over Pakistan? We know he owes his job to the United States and the United Kingdom. Should he flaunt it, along with his ignorance, like this?

He forgot to add that the world has ignored his ambitious demand 'time and again.'  Which is strange considering he is strongly backed by the governments of the US and UK.

But the question is: Why would the US go for such an expensive option when Mr. Zardari's government had almost surrendered the country to US private defense contractors and pushy US diplomats? They have in Islamabad the government that they lobbied for, without an occupation and a Marshall Plan.

Mr. Zardari's government was tailored by American and British diplomats in late 2006 and early 2007. Some of the shadiest characters Pakistan ever produced were made part of it. That was Washington and London's way of ensuring that Pakistan's charge is in the hands of people they could trust to checkmate the Pakistani military from within . Until a few weeks ago, Washington's envoy in Islamabad was secretly meeting politicians to ask them to support Mr. Zardari in the face of a hostile Pakistani public opinion, judiciary, media and the military.

In two years in power, this Am-Brit democratic dream team is yet to present a single policy proposal on any issue, be it education, culture, sports, economy, you name it.  It gets better with the opposition led by former premier Nawaz Sharif. He has been promised by Richard Holbrooke, and earlier by John Negroponte and Richard Boucher during Bush days, that he'll get his chance in power and that Washington won't oppose. If Mr. Sharif assumes power tomorrow morning, his party doesn't have a clue what it will do next except issue statements for public consumption. Which is what the incumbent Am-Brit dream team is doing.

During a television show over the weekend, I asked low-level party members of major Pakistani parties if they have attended any meeting chaired by their 'leaders' ever since the illustrious return to democracy in 2008 where education, health, culture, energy or any of the things that need planning and vision were discussed.  First they were stunned I asked this question. No one in Pakistan's newspapers, media and politics ever discusses this aspect of our Am-Brit democracy, or the multiple failures of political parties whose leaders have become little more than local representatives of foreign governments, especially US and UK.

It turned out I was right.

Here's an idea for Mr. Zardari and his dream team: Instead of begging the world for more money and a Marshall Plan, how about planning for your own country and people, plan for the economy, for education, health and transportation?

How about leveraging Pakistan's geostrategic position for more gain instead of selling Pakistan cheap, Mr. President?

[Just as a refresher on Mr. Zardari's foreign backers, here is the latest statement from former President Farooq Leghari explaining why President Zardari is a security risk.]

Friday, January 15, 2010

American McShoe In Pakistan's Face

US senators Mitch McConnell and John McCain visited Pakistan at the same time. Both of them met Pakistani leaders. These two pictures, from the Associated Press of Pakistan, stand out from their list of meetings in Islamabad. At the top, Sen. John's McShoe is protruding into Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilnai's face. And in the second one, Sen. Mitch's McShoe is distracting Pakistan's army chief.

Is there something here or am I just reading too much into these pictures?
I'd love to see our Ambassador Husain Haqqani mustering his guts to put on display a similar spectacle with US President or his VP in Washington. Mr. Haqqani probably won't do this because it's simply in bad taste. 

A Pakistani living in the United States for a long time emailed me saying this happens all the time in the US and so it's no big deal.

That's not true.  In recent months, Pakistani officials have seen an increase in the number of incidents where US diplomats have resorted to bully tactics against the host country. This includes sending undercover operatives and private defense contractors to Pakistan with diplomatc passports and lying to the Pakistani government about it. When Pakistan tried to check this, CIA and other parts of the US government resorted to a cheap tactic. Reports suddenly flooded the US media talking about Pakistan 'harassing' US diplomats. Then there is the story of how several junior diplomats working under the US ambassador in Pakistan took turns every week or so in issuing public statements indirectly threatening war and invasion against Pakistan over the alleged presence of the Afghan Taliban leadership here. Our Foreign Office told them not to make such statements without evidence. And yet they were at it again.

In this backdrop, actions such as flaunting a shoe in the face of a guest during a formal government-to-government meeting is not okay.

If some of you think this is reading too much into things, see how Turkey extracted an apology from Israel over a sofa. See the two pictures below.

I know I would take offense to someone flaunting his shoe in my face during an official meeting.

Maybe Amb. Anne W. Patterson should sensitize the powerful guests from Washington to common manners instead of wasting her energies on hunting down who to expel next from which Pakistani newspaper for criticizing US policies. This week, the US Embassy in Islamabad had the audacity to issue a statement accusing an editorial writer in the Urdu-language newspaper Nawai Waqt for slandering Richard Holbrooke. Why? Because the paper dared question US policy intentions.

Pakistan should start taking offense at these indirect messages of insult in the same manner that Turkey did.  Unfortunately, under a US-installed government, Pakistan has lost tremendous credibility and respect in the eyes of both its own citizens and friends overseas.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What If Pakistani Soldiers Raped Hindu Women?

You just have to love it when the mainstream US media - the advocate of war and official propaganda - tries to act neutral.

Israel slapped a media blackout a year ago duirng its attack on Gaza's unarmed civilians. A year later, on the first anniversary of the war, CNN focused on Dec. 27, 2009, on how bad Israel's media ban was.

How did CNN do this, criticize Israel without jeopardizing the special relationship?

By giving its correspondent Ben Wedeman around a minute - yes one minute - to mention how bad Israel has been.

But when China slapped a similar blackout last July on British- and American-backed disturbances in western China, the Am-Brit media was up in arms. Same thing with Iran. Same thing with Russia in Chechnya and Georgia.

India not only continues to impose a media blackout on its occupied region of Kashmir but also bans international human rights organizations, including Amnesty International and HRW, from sending observers to the territory.

India does this to hide massive human rights violations. Hardly a month goes by without the discovery of a mass grave. Sexually frustrated Indian soldiers, who serve in the troubled region for long tours of duty, routinely rape Kashmiri women. Rape is both an outlet and an officially-sanctioned tool of punishment for a population that misses no opportunity to show its disgust at being under Indian occupation.

Imgaine if Pakistan was occupying some Hindu-majority territory where Pakistani soldiers routinely raped Hindu women. A young married woman and her sister-in-law where the latest victims of Indian soldiers, raped, killed and thrown in a river.

Have you heard about this on CNN? BBC? FoxNews? Any other mainstream American or British media outlet?

You won't. Israel is no-go area for the Am-Brit media. India has become one recently because the United States and the United Kingdom are grooming this nation for policing duties in Afghanistan and Asia, and as a counterweight to China.  In other words, India is the new and cheap Anglo-American slave-soldier in Asia.

These are glaring discrepancies in how the Am-Brit media covers media bans in India and Israel and then in Iran, Russia and elsewhere.

Hundreds of children killed in the Israeli war on Gaza last year were barely covered in the mainstream Am-Brit media.

More than 55 Pakistanis were burned alive on Indian soil in 2006, in a case where Indian police proved later that serving Indian intelligence officers and Hindu extremists were involved in. The man who uncovered this nexus between Indian military and the nascent Hindu terror groups was the first recipient of an assassin's bullet during the first hours of the Mumbai attack. Have you read or heard any of this in the Am-Brit media? Hardly. But when it comes to Russia, Iran, Venezuela, Pakistan, China, Saudi Arabia and Turkey, the Am-Brit media is unstoppable.

When someone like me raises these questions, mainstream US and British publications devote blogs and writers to condemn 'conspiracy theories' and 'conspiracy theorists'. Some of them condescendingly talk about 'cultural' traits that make people from our part of the word susceptible to conspiracy theories.

But when the time is right, China's intelligence service will release details of another conspiracy: How the Indians, Americans, Brits & Karzai's intelligence worked together to stir unrest in China's Tibet and Xinjiang.

Beautiful Pakistani Pashto

One of the most beautiful Pakistani Pashto music songs ever. We salute our brothers & sisters in NWFP & Tribal Belt. We bleed for you. May Pakistan rise again because of your great sacrifices & those of all Pakistanis.