Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New York Times' Links To CIA Propaganda Established

The New York Times published a bogus claim of responsibility for the Norway attack. According to NYT, the attack was committed by 'Ansar al-Jihad al-
Alami' [Supporters of Global Jihad] which no one heard of before. Once a pro-Israel Christian terrorist was arrested, the NYT quietly removed this highlighted
part from its report. Of course, no apologies and no accountability for the broadsheets that cooperate with CIA in promoting wars. [CLICK PHOTO TO ENLARGE]

New York Times Caught Publishing CIA Propaganda On Norway Attack
An American investigative journalist uncovers how the New York Times tried to link the Norway attack to a Muslim group that doesn’t exist and then how it quietly pulled the story later from its online edition, without offering an apology. Alexander Higgins, also uncovers how two other news outlets, one American and the other British, continued to demonize Muslims hours after a Christian extremist was arrested.
SPECIAL REPORT | Monday | 25 July 2011
ISLAMABAD, Pakistan—In the first few hours after a Christian terrorist killed tens of Norwegians, the New York Times published a report claiming an unknown Muslim group, Ansar al-Jihad al-Aalami [Supporters of Global Jihad] has claimed responsibility for the attack.
Within a couple of hours of the attack, an online report warned that CIA and its broadsheets in the US media will exploit the attack to garner European support for the failing Afghan war.
This is exactly what many CIA-affiliated websites and ‘translation companies’ have been doing for the past decade, translating claims of responsibility after every terrorist attack anywhere in the world.
As expected, the New York Times published this claim quoting an unknown American analyst who said he saw the claim of responsibility on a website in Arabic and that he translated it into English.
The truth is that an ordinary discussion forum in Arabic, like millions of similar online forums, published what appears to be a celebratory note on the Norway attack arguing the attack was punishment for all the wrong done in Libya and Afghanistan, the two wars where Norway is a participant by default because of its NATO membership.
But nowhere in the Arabic was text there a claim of responsibility. Also, the person who posted the text in Arabic used a fake name.
So a claim by an unknown group that no one heard of, using a fake profile on a discussion forum? Any real journalist would ignore it.
But not the New York Times, which is famous for publishing absolute lies drafted by the CIA. The paper spent the whole of 2002 publishing sophisticated ‘news reports’ about Iraqi weapons of mass destruction complete with expert illustrations of alleged Iraqi weapons. One of NYT’s top reporters, Judith Miller, was discredited because she ran CIA-planted stories under her byline and went to jail in another case of harassment of a US diplomat and his wife who exposed US government lies on Iraq.
UK's The Sun knew it was al-Qaeda before anyone else! [CLICK PHOTO TO ENLARGE]
The credibility of the mainstream US media and its links to US government and the CIA is an open secret. The Pakistani military has accused the New York Times of running a ‘slander campaign’ against Pakistan, its military and its spy agency at CIA’s behest.
Even the Norwegian media was cautious when the NYT came up with this claim of responsibility. Norway TV did its own translation of the text and discovered there was no explicit claim of responsibility for the attack.
The investigative work that reveals NYT’s professional dishonesty was done by Alexander Higgins, and published on his blog under the telling title, Corporate Media Runs False CIA Story Stating Muslim Group Claimed Responsibility For Oslo  .
Here we reproduce images from Mr. Higgins blog along with their original captions that tell the full story.
[CLICK HERE to see how Fox News misled American viewers. Some parts of the US media were desperate to implicate Muslims. Pro-war lobbies want any excuse to continue a policy of deception and wars.]

CIA Runs B.S. Story That Muslim Group Claimed Responsibility For Oslo Bombings - Highlighted. Text & image courtesy of Alexander Higgins' blog. [CLICK PHOTO TO ENLARGE]

Mr. Higgins makes several interesting observations in his report.
The first is that Norway is a Muslim-friendly country that has not followed the American policy of harassing its Muslim community. It is also a supporter of Palestinian rights and an independent Palestinian state. The Norwegian government has also formally apologized for a couple of local newspapers that reprinted cartoons offensive to Muslims. So unlike the propaganda in American media, Muslims have little reason to attack Norway.
The second important observation is that while the American media continues to emphasize that the Christian extremist is anti-Islam, more important is the fact that he is pro-Israel and a big admirer of anti-Islam writers and bloggers in the US.
This last point is very critical because it confirms our longstanding argument that the United States government and in particular its main intelligence service the CIA are promoting anti-Muslim feelings inside the US and worldwide to continue their interventions in other countries in the name of war on terror. 
The anti-Pakistan propaganda worldwide is also the work of CIA and other elements of the US government. They have been using the same twisted methods of demonizing Pakistan that have come to the surface now after the Norway attacks.

Jihadica, one of many websites suspected of links to CIA that have sprung up to scare the Americans of Islam
and secure their support for endless wars in the Middle East. Photo courtesy of Alexander Higgins' blog

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Urgent, From Admiral Mike Mullen

click photo to enlarge
Sean Hoare, British journalist who exposed phone-hacking scandal in UK is found dead. He exposed complicity of British police.

Did they kill him?

Where is homicide detective Admiral Mike Mullen [part-time US Chairman Joint Chiefs] to give us his expert opinion?

Remember he single-handed exposed ISI and Pakistani military's involvement in the murder of another journalist, Saleem Shahzad.

But this time, there are no CIA-leaked report in US papers accusing British police of killing Hoare?

Where is Mrs. Clinton?

Surely the US government cares about Hoare as they did about poor Saleem Shahzad?


Friday, July 15, 2011

Accurate Reporting On Mumbai Blasts

Hours after the three consecutive blasts in India's Mumbai, our team of India analysts at PakNationalists.com released a brief report titled, Fearing Inside Job, India Plays Wise, So Far.

The crux of our argument was simple: India hasn't formally accused Pakistan yet for a very simple reason.

Almost all low-impact terror attacks in India in the past three years were the work of Indian extremists trying to increase pressure on Pakistan.

These new blasts come at a time when the United States has an interest in opening the Indian front amid tensions with Pakistan.

Our report was markedly different and our analysis was entirely based on recent cases from the Indian judicial system and reporting by major Indian news sources.  At a time when Indian and American news outlets were insinuating a Pakistani connection based on the November 2008 Mumbai attacks, our analysts wrote that eight serving and retired Indian military intelligence officers are under investigation for murdering 43 Pakistani goodwill visitors near New Delhi in 2007.  After that attack, the Indian government and British and American media outlets accused Pakistan's ISI of masterminding the attack to derail peace talks.

It turned out Indian military officers encouraged Hindu terror groups to kill Pakistani visitors and blame it on ISI. The sick plot was meant to keep the premier Pakistani spy service under pressure.

Between 2007 and 2009, Indian military officers organized similar attacks across India. And they were caught.

Our argument is that the Indian government was careful this time, fearing the three consecutive, low-impact blasts in Mumbai might have a similar objective, pushing India toward a confrontation with Pakistan at a time when the US is searching for every possible opportunity to raise the heat with Islamabad.

Now, more than 24 hours after the Mumbai blasts, the world media is increasingly picking up the angle that we floated, that the blasts are probably the work of domestic Indian terrorists, almost certainly linked to Hindu terror groups, with some prodding from extremist elements within Indian military.

[See the report here.]

See Amazon.com's recommendation:
Hinduism and terror.(Opinion): An article from: First Things: A Monthly Journal of Religion and Public Life

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New US Defense Minister Starts With A Lie

Former CIA chief and new US secretary of defense Leon Panetta began his new job with a lie.

On Monday, he visited US troops in Baghdad

There, Mr. Panetta told them the United States invaded Iraq because of 9/11.

This is the same blatant lie that George W. And Donald Rumsfeld tried to sell the Americans nine years ago.

The CIA at the time ran fake stories in major American newspapers about Iraqi WMD weapons and secret meetings between Saddam's spies and the perpetrators of 9/11.

It was one big lie that almost all the major US news outlets published and promoted at CIA prodding and without any fact-checking.

And now, nine years later, we have an ex CIA director using the same lie again, just 11 days into his new job.

Krishna's Dirty India

India does it again. When a senior White House official announced delaying Pakistan aid, the Indian foreign minister coundn't hide his glee, more like a kindergarten bully than a foreign minister of a large-sized country.

He welcomed the US move and dumped a heap of propaganda lines on Pakistan.

I laugh no end when I read for US officials swearing to us that India means us no harm, that we are wrong to think the Indians will wage war on us any chance they get, etc.

US officials are desperate to give India a larger role in Afghanistan and Central Asia, and they firmly want Pakistan under Indian wings.

But the truth is, India is a country that can never even dream of entering a war with China. Its multibillion dollar armament drive is meant for Pakistan, which is an obsession for India's ruling elite.

India is a big country but with the brain of a mouse. In 1971, long before there were any pro-Pakistan freedom groups in Kashmir, and long before there was Lashkar-e-Tayyeba or even an intifada in Kashmir, India invaded Pakistan while Pakistanis were busy in post-election bickering.

The Indians prepared a proxy terror militia and waited for a perfect opportunity, which came on the eve of the messy Pakistani elections in December of that year. The Indian invasion across international borders was totally unprovoked. Indian soldiers and their terror militia launched murders and rapes.

Today, India refuses to settle even minor border disputes with Pakistan that could build trust. It never lets go of any chance to harm Pakistan. When the EU offered concessions to Pakistani textiles in early 2011, India blocked them through a complaint to WTO. India is doing everything to steal Pakistan's water from Kashmiri rivers that India occupies by force. Pakistani artists are routinely threatened with the worst type of religious extremism on Indian soil, and there have been several cases of Pakistani artists beaten at the hands of Indian extremists.

[Recently, serving Indian army officers have been arrested for planting bombs in Indian cities and blame them on Pakistan to create an excuse to launch a war on that country.]

India is a country programmed to obsess about Pakistan and keen to harm it any chance it gets.

This explains Krishna's tastelessly gleeful remarks on US refusing to pay Pakistan money owed for facilitating US war in Afghanistan.

Watch out for India exploiting every opportunity to harm Pakistan, regardless of the American sales pitch on Indian intentions.

Condolences To The Handlers Of Ahmed Wali Karzai

President Hamid Karzai's half-brother and the kingmaker of Kandahar was a CIA asset.

His cover was blown not in Afghanistan but inside the United States, when rivalries between various American intelligence agencies resulted in blowing Mr. Karzai's cover through a leak in an American newspaper.

The wily younger Karzai became a marked man since that day.

He was most probably CIA's front man for the opium trade. Taliban ended this trade but CIA revived it after 2002 to finance its burgeoning secret empire in Afghanistan away from the prying eyes of US Congress that checks the agency's budget.

The junior Karzai was killed by a trusted aide, most probably as a result of a feud.

His death represents a huge loss for CIA at a difficult time. While other departments of the US government complained about the influence of corrupt warlords such as Mr. Wali Karzai, it is interesting that CIA continued to protect him.

His death leaves a huge vacuum in the Pashtun strongholds of southern Afghanistan. It is akin to opening a front for the CIA and US military in their Afghan backyard when they least needed it.

CIA And Pentagon Itching For Pakistan War

Someone is working overtime in Washington to scuttle President Obama's and the American people's wish to end the war in Afghanistan.

The more America gets closer to that goal, CIA and US military in Afghanistan do something stupid to raise tensions with Pakistan. The drones have been doing that job for some time now. But recently CIA operatives have joined hands with likeminded rogue elements inside NDS [the National Directorate of Security, the Afghan spy service] to train, arm and send hundreds of terrorists across international borders into Pakistan to kill Pakistani civilians and soldiers. When Pakistan protests, US and NATO officers have a ready answer: It's the Taliban, what can we say.

The purpose of these antics is nothing but to harass Pakistani citizens and military and just avenge Pakistan's refusal to submit to CIA demands.

There is another reason for CIA's rude awakening in Pakistan.

Pakistanis have misled the agency hotshots for some time into believing that dealing with Pakistanis is like dealing with the defeated and conquered Iraqis and the Northern Alliance puppets in Afghanistan.

Why Pakistanis did this? I don't honestly know. Maybe for US aid, or maybe to cooperate with the Americans in the hope that this time the United States will not prove to be a two-timing untrustworthy ally.

But when CIA went too far in treating Pakistan as a conquered territory, someone in Islamabad had to give Langley a wake-up-and-smell-the-coffee call.

The bottom line is that now CIA is trying hard to cause a military standoff between the United States and Pakistan in the hope of derailing Mr. Obama's plans for a drawdown.

The CIA and US commanders in Afghanistan are doing everything they can to provoke Pakistani military into armed retaliation.

I am not sure what messages Pakistani military commanders are sending to the peeved Americans. But those messages are certainly not good because Admiral Mike Mullen was so angry the other day he accused ISI of murdering a Pakistani journalist.

Imagine this: a US Chairman Joint Chiefs turning into a homicide detective for a day!

If I had the liberty of sending a message to the honchos at Bagram base, it would be this:

The Soviets were smarter.