Friday, November 9, 2012

I Am Not Interested In US Elections. Here Is Why

I came out of PTV studios a few minutes ago where I said a few things about Obama and US elections. Here's what I said:

1. America has started producing weak presidents. Ronald Reagan was the last impressive president American had. With the exception maybe of George Bush Sr., every president has been a weakling, unimpressive and 'unstatemanly.' Both Obama and Romney are weak. Obama, for example, is unable to challenge US military and CIA on many things, like Gitmo, and the mess that CIA has created for America in Afghanistan.

2. I am not impressed by the exaggerated coverage of US elections in Pakistani media. Those elections don't matter much to us. Both Obama and Romney have agreed to continue to outsource America's entire relations with Pakistan and Pakistanis to CIA, which is destroying this relationship or already has.

3. Far more important to us Pakistanis is the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, which began on Nov. 5 and will conclude on Nov. 17. This is an event where China's new leadership formally takes charge of the country for the next ten years. Obama, whom we know very well, is going to be there for four years, but China's new leadership for the next decade. The transition in China is far more important to Pakistan than US elections but sadly NOT A SINGLE PAKISTANI media outlet is covering the important event in China.

4. Last, I got the chance again on the state-run TV channel to emphasize that Pakistan's failed political system is the biggest threat to this country's stability and well being. This failed system stifles the talent and creativity of Pakistanis, refuses to allow new blood into the system, practices violent, bloody politics, and can not be repaired even after 100 elections. It requires surgery, re-engineering a new system that favors ordinary patriotic hardworking Pakistanis and comes down hard on political thieves, failed politicians, and corrupt government officers.

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