Thursday, January 17, 2013

Rotten System: Pakistan Government On Verge Of Corruption Collapse | Russia Today Interview | Ahmed Quraishi

On the day the Dr. Tahir al Qadri's 'march' and massive sit-in in Islambad winded down, on Jan. 17, I told RTTV that this event may not have brought the government down, but it has set in motion the process of derailing a failed democratic system that needs reform.

Many Pakistanis were rightly suspicious about the motives of Dr. Qadri. Others were disappointed at his failure in his main mission.

But that is not the real story. The real story is that Dr. Qadri made public a long list of arguments against a failed political and democratic system that can't reform itself from within regardless of the number of elections we hold.

Talking against democracy is a taboo in Pakistan. Both the media and the political parties hide behind this taboo to resist reforming a corrupt, violent and inept democratic system that has failed completely in improving itself from within.

So, while Dr. Qadri might have failed in whatever agenda he pursued, the movement to derail a failed Pakistani democracy has received an unprecendeted boost.

In this interview with Russia Today, I avoid discussing the motivation of Dr. Qadri. [ This I will discuss soon and update this post accordingly].

If you are inside Pakistan and cannot access the YouTube link above, then click here.

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